Zero Carbon Buildings for a Sustainable Future: Making it happen


It is a well-known fact that human activity has flooded the atmosphere of our planet with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions. The results can and probably will be disastrous for humankind unless we do something about it.


Environmental change is happening fast, and this climate change hurts our planet as well as our global economy. According to a study conducted by, the estimates of taking no action may lead to an average loss of 5% global GDP per annum over the next two centuries and these costs may increase to 20% of global GDP if a broader range of risks and impacts (other than the weather) are taken into account.


Few industries will be able to survive such an economic impact. In this ever-changing environment, only companies that can adapt and thrive will be more successful in attracting customers, employees, and growing their business.


With any obstacle, there is, however, a solution. To put our customers first but to also be responsible and care for the environment, NBS Properties understands the benefits of sustainability strategies. We have a corporate responsibility to combat climate change.


Buildings alone are responsible for 38% of all human GHG emissions. Building-related emissions account for about one-third of global GHG emissions and could double by 2050, making building efficiency a critical part of the COP21 agenda.  (Conference of the Parties, referring to the countries that have signed up to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The COP in Paris is the 21st such conference).


At NBS Properties, we value our planet and its environment. We continue to assess how best to respond to carbon-related regulations and voluntary emissions guidelines and join in the global aim of “decarbonising” the global economy, while at the same time keeping to our objective as a company to put our customers first.